Back to celebrate their 50th birthday, Polkaroo helps a whole new generation polish up their counting skills.

Now available to stream on TVO Kids!

Polkaroo Counts! uses math and preschool numeracy to bring back one of our all-time favourite characters, Polkaroo!

In the first 15 x 2:30 minute live-action segments, Polkaroo and our young stars discover a number is missing from the Number Wall! ‘Oh no, can you help us find it, Polkaroo?’   We’re off! While Polkaroo searches the city, the suburbs, and the countryside for the missing number, one of our young stars finds ways to create and discover that same number at Polkaroo’s Counting Lab. At the end of each episode, Polkaroo triumphantly returns from the real world   to celebrate the ‘comeback’ of the missing number!

The next 15 x 2 minute (approx.) live-action segments introduce and explore simple math concepts. Combining appearances by Polkaroo, our real kids, music, and a variety of dynamic graphics, we skip count, do simple addition and subtraction, and a whole lot more – delivered in short playful segments.

The focus of Polkaroo Counts! is on informal learning—using real-world contexts that can be replicated in the child’s world beyond watching the scenario on the screen.

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