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Muneeza in the middle

Muneeza Sheikh wears her faith on her sleeve – if she’s wearing sleeves, that is. And that’s a problem

at odds with her religion...

Muneeza in the Middle is the story of a 2ND generation Muslim at odds with her religion that urges followers to be modest in all facets of life. She’s a beautiful, confident, outspoken lawyer who dresses well and turns heads. But don’t be fooled. Muneeza is a devout worshiper, bound to challenge common stereotypes about Muslims. But her modern interpretation of the faith is catching up with her. Is her fight to maintain a unique identity justified? Does religion create a double standard for women? These are some of the questions that torment Muneeza once she has her first child. She wants to change for her daughter, but doesn’t want to lose herself. Muneeza’s story resonates with every women who has become a mother.

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5 years in the making...

Director Hoda Elatawi spent five years documenting this fascinating and often ironic struggle between faith, family, fashion and ultimately, identity. This small look into a much bigger world exposes real tensions between Islam and Western culture – all through seemingly innocuous issues. From wearing nail polish to speaking loudly, her every day action reflect a need to make major life choices.


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