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``B`` is for bus driver

GAPC Entertainment teams up with PBS Kids and Director Christopher Redmond

Sesame street comes to ottawa...

Sesame Street just might be the most famous brand in the world when it comes to television programming for children.

Writer/director Christopher Redmond and producer Hoda Elatawi of GAPC Entertainment have joined forces to create a one-minute spot, “B” is for Bus Driver, for an episode of Sesame Street, set to first air February 23, 2019 on HBO Kids.

Production took place in Ottawa using local crew and cast, including OC Transpo bus drivers and features one of OC Transpo’s articulated buses. Star of the show, Talia, takes the viewer on a bus ride to a baseball game.  Along the way she introduces us to the bus driver and later takes a bus to visit her aunt in a different city.

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Just the ticket...

B is for Bus Driver will air on Feb. 23 on HBO Kids which now owns Sesame Street. PBS still has residual rights to the program so it will air some nine months later. It will also appear online and on demand.