Get ready for a how-to children’s series where the kids are doing the teaching!

Premiering on TVO Kids on July 30th and on Knowledge Kids on September 3rd!

Everyday is exciting when you’re learning something new! Especially when you’re a kid getting the inside scoop from someone just like you! Are You Ready? is a new short-form television series (40 x 2:30 minutes) that features real-life role models showing preschoolers how to feel a little more grown up each day. From climbing stairs to combing hair, tying laces to brushing teeth – our little leaders cover it all. Using easy-to-understand techniques, relatable mistakes, and encouragement to try again, each bite sized episode helps the audience reach a new milestone in their independence. You’ll be be flipping and zipping up your own jacket in no time.

Developed with the help of early childhood education professionals, Are You Ready? sets the foundation for lifelong learning, behaviour, and well-being. The techniques for independence that children learn throughout the series help prepare them for daycare, school, and the world! Every new skill children pick up from an episode will help them develop a sense of self worth and self confidence. It’s as simple – and essential – as putting on your pants in the morning! Are You Ready? was developed and produced by GAPC Entertainment (I’m Ready) Inc., in association with TVOkids, Knowledge Kids, and the financial participation of the Canada Media Fund.

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