The world according to Babe!

20th Century Gals

Starring Cathy Jones of This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

Telling it how it was...

This CBC TV Special “docudramedy”, hosted by Babe (a.k.a. Cathy Jones of This Hour Has 22 Minutes) is a mix of fact, fun and folly. Divided into four parts: POLITICS, SEXUALITY, FAMILY, and WORK, 20th Century Gals weaves together historical reenactments, clips from personal writings, first hand testimonials, archival records and radio & TV news clips.

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100 years of social change...

Babe provides the journalistic glue in her 1940’s no-nonsense, tongue in cheek style. Shot in period sets at the Canadian Museum of Civilization and in a specially constructed 1940’s newsroom, 20th Century Gals (According to Babe) both entertains and educates – painlessly.

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